Gábor Csordás - Adventures in Sound

The album Funkventure by Budapest based producer Gábor Csordás lays down synth textures that equally wink at the future and pay homage to the 80’s, uniting rough-and-readiness of the Berlin dancefloors and adventurousness of tropical discoveries.

. The colourful but coherent selection of nine tracks on the disc raises our heart rate invitingly to a rooftop party heated with the last rays of summer. From here we might teleport to a tropical beachside to get washed away by the waves of underwater funk, just to find ourselves in outer space expanding the limits of our subconscious.

The pianist inside Gábor is not getting cornered for a moment on this album, he takes the hand of his producer-self and guides him rowing through the more electronic music influenced waters. The album opens itself up: sparkling musical layers and impressions collected at various locations around the globe guide musical adventure seeking ears in traveling. 80’s boogie infused with African rhythms, science fiction funk piano improvisation, 70’s jungle groove, chilling balearic deep house, urban boogie-disco, tropical synth pop jet ski ride, playfully experimental modern jazz, or a cosmic funk groove – these are only some of the destinations that “Funkventure” offers us. Such a colourful composer and pianist Gábor is, so many faces he is showing us from the electronica infused synth jazz sound.

“My goal was to create something danceable, rhythmic, but without any constraint to be “fit” for modern dancefloors. I wanted to make music that is driven by rhythms, that is founded in funk, and where i’m in the center of the attention. The album summaries what I have learnt from electronic music, from jazz, funk and even from pop. I liked the title “Funkventure” because through this title i was able to put into shape what connects these tracks. On the album all the songs are really different from each other, but all of them have something to do with traveling. This is what connects them, if you listen to a track from the beginning to the end you feel like watching a movie or going through a travel. This music is adventure, that always drifts to a new, different style, and the compositions picture stories. It is very typical of me to write every track only once. So this is important that not two tracks on the album are similar even from a distance. But still, they are all on the same vibe, the same frequency. “ – explains Gábor.

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