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From a young age Gábor has shown exceptional talent in composition and improvisation at the piano. He started learning at the age of 10. At the age of 12 he recorded improvisations on Mozart’s themes. He also composed original music starting from the age of 14, which started to blend influences from classical music, jazz and popular music. This blend has been Gábor’s essential trademark – the melodic power and harmony of classical music, the rhythm and improvised approach of jazz, and the sounds and arrangements of modern popular music. His teachers were Tamás Kereskedő, Albin Leszkovszky (classical piano), Zsolt Esze (jazz), János Nagy (jazz), György Bartók (composition).

Gábor is able to move effortlessly between genres. He has performed in concert halls, jazz clubs, improvised a solo concert in a church, and played a classical piano battle in a boxing ring in a discotheque – just to mention a few of his special performances. He recently gave two concerts at the FINA swimming World championships in Budapest, Hungary, performed at the Culture Capital of Europe Events in Linz, Austria, at the Soho House and Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin, amongst solo performances around Europe – mostly in Hungary, Germany, Austria and Italy. In 2019 he performed in Japan playing with Swansong trio in Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Tokyo and Taketoyo. 

Gábor’s style feeds from both jazz and the european traditions. He is bravely jumping into adventurous moments, applies sudden changes that are not typical of this genre, and uses a very poetic, dynamic and grandiose approach reminiscent of romantic music. 


2019: Swansong – Swansong (modern jazz trio)

2018: EgoDetox – Tóth Artin (documentary film music)

2018: Open Doors – Gábor Csordás (modern jazz, solo piano)

2018: Moonboy – Tokyo Dawn Records The Move 3 compilation (deep house)

2017: Alpakka remastered (mastering)

2017: Vivid Dreams – Novine (soul) (arrangements)

2017: The Little Prince – (music theater composition)

2017: Rise – Gábor Csordás (electronica)

2016: Mi van Veled? – Youli (pop)

2016: 56’ – Youli (pop)

2016: Moonlight – Lean Bravo (pop-soul)

2015: Holdutazás – Youli (pop)

2015: Made to Fit – Lean Bravo (pop-soul)

2014: Girl – Pugs Atomz – Gábor Csordás remix (Tokyo Dawn Records) (funk)

2014: Moonboy EP – Gábor Csordás (Deep House)

2012: The Blue feat. Youli – Gábor Csordás (nu-jazz)

2012: Into the move – Gábor Csordás (funk, soul)

2012: Vindahl (Head over heels remix) – Gábor Csordás (Tokyo Dawn Records) (nu-jazz)

2011: Live in CHB – Gábor Csordás (modern solo piano)

2011: Amalia (You are all the funk that i need remix) – Gábor Csordás  (Tokyo Dawn Records) (funk)

2010: Towards the centre – Gábor Csordás (modern solo piano)

2009: Kérek Lakást – Mantra Porno (pop, rock, trip-hop)

2008: Silence Factory – Silence Factory (pop, electronica)

1995-2002: Best of Demoscene compilation






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    01. Birdseye

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    02. Breaking Through

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    03. Turbulence

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    04. The panda march

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    05. Trapped light

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    06. Painting with two colors

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    07. Cradle me

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    08. Play

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    09. Koletzki

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    10. If ever

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