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Gábor Csordás
born in 1981 in Budapest

modern solo piano
influences : Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehldau, Herbie Hancock

a pianist rooted in jazz, and influenced by contemporary classical, electronic, and popular music. Gábor has the ability to communicate in rhythm, harmony, melody and sound. His speciality is improvisation, he has gradually merged compositional music more and more with his natural tendency toward improvisation. Whether it’s a recent pop classic, a jazz standard, or an original composition, he is able perform it with extreme dynamics, colors and emotional depth.
He has released music in different genres, his first two piano albums feature improvised music, his latest piano album is a collection of moody compositions.

He has also recorded a contemporary jazz trio album under the name of “Swansong” – of original compositions with the Tokyo based bass player Noriaki Hosoya, and the Washington based drummer, Marty Risemberg. The disc features wide and open compositions which often use odd time signatures and high tempos.

Besides his pianist activity, he is also active as a music producer, releasing songs and remixes on his own as well as collaborating with popular artists


“the future”

Towards the end of 2016 i planned to have yet another concert which would serve as a foundation to my upcoming concerts. It has become a very successful, as i have played a mixture of my favourite covers, such as “Blackbird”, “Chariots of Fire”, the jazz songs “Body and Soul”, “Caravan” and my own composition “Koletzki”. Finding the golden middle way between artistry and crowd-pleasing, this repertoire is my foundation for next years shows.
“Adventures in pop music”

From my return to Hungary i’ve worked more extensively with singer “Youli”. We have created a few pop songs, and i was close to my most “major pop” sound. The song “Holdutazás” has become a major radio hit, and many other songs have become successful. We have recorded an EP in memory of the 1956 revolution, which features a beautiful ballad – “Szállnak a darvak”.

In 2015 i’ve moved back to Hungary, and i’ve felt the urge of releasing a new piano record. The process this time was closer to composition than improvisation. I’ve invented the term “improsition” which is a combination of improvisation and composition. Working from recorded “imperfect” takes, i’ve written compositions on paper, and recorded them. The album has been titled “Open Doors”, and i’ve performed it live at Benczúr ház, after 5 years of not playing in Hungary. The music is very energetic, more dense than my previous piano releases, but still has an emotional and sensitive feel to it.

“A record with imprositions: Open doors”


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