Open Doors

This is my new piano album, recorded in 2015. It features original compositions, it’s the first piano album i did which is not improvised actually. 🙂 It started the tendency of moving towards more and more composed and structured ideas in my writing. I think the sound of the Steinway is lovely in the recording,…

Youli – Ragyogó

This song is an absolute cliché electro-pop number, written for the hungarian language EP of the singer Youli, for her first official EP. an actual live performance with the original track in the back:

Lean Bravo

While i was living in Berlin, i’ve contributed with a few songs and ideas (and keyboard playing) to the first album of this great chilean artist, Lean. Maybe their EP will be released officially soon? The track Good Love is what has most of my vibes.  

Rona Ray

This track is a “wonderful” collaboration with the russian soul-singer, Rona Ray.

various electronica songs

These songs were released one by one without a certain goal, they were more or less results of the influences i had in Berlin. The Let me in track was a part of Kalma Records’ selection.

Moonboy EP

This EP is the final achievement of the 4 years i’ve spent in Berlin. Complex sound layers and rhythmic planes build up the classical traveling experience. Sometimes i like to think about it as Music without notes.

The Blue

A wonderful collaboration with singer Youli (aka Júlia Horányi), resulted in an EP floating in-between pop, nu-jazz and electronica. We got a honorary artist of the month title from the trend-setting music magazine, Giant Step. Also a great video was shot.      

The remixes

A few remixes i did mostly for Tokyo Dawn Records, a new-funk label. Remixed artists include Amalia, Vindahl, Pugs Atomz, Robert Glasper and Moby.

Into the move

I got heavily influenced by modern funk and hiphop, and this LP shows that. Trying to get the instrumental funk sound of the early 2010-s, this album has some highlights like Sexy walk and a remake of Vosztok-9.  


Sadly this project never really produced a full album, but the demos already show a lot of what it was – or could have been. A mainstream jazz project with bassist Noriaki Hosoya and drummer Andrea Zuliani, Swansong.