My entry for the Made in New York Jazz Festival

I have entered the 2017 edition of this prestigious festival with this video. If you’ve enjoyed it, please visit the Made in New York Jazz Festival page, and vote for me! ūüôā

Albums and releases


“piano songs with a touch of electronica”

My latest album is a relaxing record, mellow piano themes are combined with lush pads and inventive electronic sounds. Perfect for daydreaming, and emotional insight, this music leaves you with a sense of highness and delight.

The blue feat. Youli

“a downtempo adventure”

This one was the first collaboration with Youli, and the 3-track EP is a smooth blend of relaxed vocals and jazzy chords and rhyhtms. Chosen as the record of the month at the prestigious Giant Step magazine, there is also a moody video for the title track.

Live in CHB



“a further exploration of live music creation”


This album is a live unedited recording of the solo improvisation concert which took place in CHB Berlin on the 29.10.2011
The improvisations were played on titles chosen by the audience, these are the track titles of the album.

Towards the centre

“a sensitive approach to improvisation”

This is my first piano album i’ve released, in 2008. It reflects the sensitive and searching approach of my piano playing at that time, influenced pretty much by the music of Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett.

By listening you can really touch the moment of musical creation. Melodies and chords slowly drop or melt together. There are no rules it’s all just exploration of that deep emotional instinct.

The songs are all improvisations, recorded at home on digital piano from 2007-2008

The album is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

Silence Factory

“synthpop influenced by jazz”

A daring project which fused european synth music with jazz elements. The first, self-titled album features singer Korn√©lia Stef√°n and contains tracks that span a wide range of styles. Later on, the band had members P√©ter √Ālmosdi on MPC and other electronics, Gyula Csord√°s on synths and vocoders, L√°szl√≥ T√≥th on bass and synthbass, Napsug√°r T√≥th on vocals and G√°bor Papp as visual designer. The live performances were heading into a live-groove band format which used a lot of electronic sounds and beats, and preceeded it’s time.

Sitting on a cloud

by Silence Factory | Silence Factory


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